JOSH Foundation in Mozambique

Audiologist and Speech Therapist, Devangi Dalal, got felicitated by the Indian Ambassador to Mozambique in Maputo in the presence of the American and Mauritius Ambassadors to Mozambique. Rizwan Adatia visited India and met us at the Josh Foundation and he had in his mind to conduct and organize a hearing camp in Maputo, Mozambique. Last year they organized a camp with USA’s Entheos. It was their first project and they found it difficult to screen and fit hearing aids at same time. The camp was conducted in two phases with 4 audiologists. 700 people were screened for hearing loss and out of them, 430 patients were fitted with technologically effective hearing aids. Entheos from USA, Rizwan Adatia Foundation from Maputo (Africa) and JOSH Foundation from India work together for humanity to create Hear the Future. And then we went to fit the hearing aid to them and see how to make long term plan to help people to hear well. Out of 400 hearing aids fitted, more tha…

Chidiakhana is the story of every underdog: Director Manish Tiwary

Dreams do not transpire into reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. And it may take a little pixie dust to make them come true…This seems to be the crux of director Manish Tiwary’s Chidiakhana, his latest venture after Issaq and Dil Dosti Etc. Tiwary who wove his tale from his observation of the goings-on in our own metrop, adds that, the story of immigrants and the underdogs is a global issue. The 'Dreamers' in the USA and the cause of immigrants elsewhere in the world are politically rife and topical issues today! Manish Tiwary's Chidiakhana is the story of the underdog Sooraj, a teenager from the heart of hinterlands of Bihar who comes to Mumbai with his mother and finds himself caught in the throes of the Marathi-Bihari conflict, that threatens to take him away from his only passion – football, a game, that he worships, reveres and lives 24x7. Says Tiwary, “Nevertheless, when you follow your dreams with passion and work hard, you find help fr…

This Audiologist Means Business

On the face of it, hearing impairment may sound like a disability that can be easily dismissed. Take a closer look and the statistics are staggering. Over 360 million people in the world suffer from disabling hearing loss and the impairment among children is increasing at around 60%. Simply put, 5.3% of the world population has disabling hearing loss of which 32 million are children, according to WHO estimates.
In India alone, 63 million people suffer from significant auditory loss and that includes around 50 lakh children. Surveys have estimated hearing loss to be the third leading cause of chronic disability, following arthritis and hypertension.  World Hearing Day is held on March 3 each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and to emphasize on ear and hearing care the world over. This year, with the theme 'Hear the future', World Hearing Day draws attention to the anticipated increase of people with hearing loss in the coming decades and prevent…

Versova Festival hosts ace pet photographer Bhavesh Karia's Pawtraits

While Akshay Kumar was busy meeting and greeting junta at the Versova Festival, elsewhere his Entertainment lookalike Tiny the Golden Retriever was busy obliging fans with Kunju the Lhasa Apso and Snowy the Pom with Pawtraits, they could cherish for life. The move of getting NGO Pawsitive Farm Sanctuary’s  four-legged Therapy Dogs  that were rescued or adopted and rehabilitated,  to come and meet those walking into the fest was that of ace pet photographer Bhavesh Karia, who believes that “clicking pets is not photography, but an artform.” Says Bhavesh Karia, “pets are like little kids; forever doing something that you want to capture on your camera. But incredible pet photography is when you capture the essence of your furry friend through your pawtraits that look beyond the fur and into the soul of the pet. “I like to capture their honesty and their persona. I simply love the small smirks and poignant expressions – the animal's inner world.” It is Bhavesh Karia’s pet boxer Bella wh…

Mahima Chaudhary & Gracy Singh inaugurate artist Paramesh Paul's show, Glory of Varanasi.

Soul pilgrimage
The magical mysticism, the riveting riverbanks, the vast sea of humanity, ParameshPaul infuses his works with a volatile energy that sees the City of Light shining bright, both physically and metaphorically. Worshippers taking dip in the river, the multitudes of small temples, the steps, the sadhus, the kamadul, the chhatris, the vatvruksha, the Nandi and the narrow streets teeming with life, Ustad Bismillah Khan, Girija Devi, of Benaras Gharana who have become synonymous with the embodiment of the spirit of Varanasi come to life on his canvas. Painting, for ParameshPaul, is a spiritual practice, an act of conscious, creative alignment with the Supreme. As one delves deeper into the paintings, one experiences a harmonious rhythm of life imbued with the feeling of transcendence, balance, and oneness with the whole of creation.

Sarod Masters Amaan Ali Bangash & Ayaan Ali Bangash perform on the eve of Makarsankranti at Parle Tilak Vidyalaya.

Sarod Masters Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash perform along with Pandit Vijay Ghate on the Tabla and Sridhar Parthasarathy on the Mridangam, on the eve of Makarsankranti at Hridayesh Festival at Parle Tilak Vidyalaya. Check out the adjacent pictures! 

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan-Ayaan perform to packed audiences at dawn at The Gateway of India

Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan-Ayaan perform to packed audiences at dawn at The Gateway of India
It was a unique spiritual dawn at The Gateway of India when Sarod masters Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash took to stage accompanied by Pandit Vijay Ghate on the Tabla and Giridhar Udapa on the Ghatam… From darkness to dawn, a jam-packed historical venue resonated with melody.
Soon, the sun rose to greet Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan as he greeted the audiences with Raag Jounpuri,